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NeMo's World

Aug. 9th, 2007 | 01:19 am
location: home
mood: sleepy sleepy
music: real love story =Taebin ft se7en and whesung



Name: Nemo

Nickname: Mo, MoChi, and lately Princess Nemo ^^

Bday (according to the first time I bought her ^^: November, 4, 2006.
Favorite food (beside pellet): Corn, Apple, Carrot, and Tomato



Sweet with a perfect innocent look but NAUGHTY ^^. Super Cute and know exactly how to act cute and weak when I mad at her, spoilt and sometime a cocky rabbit (esp to the male bunnies in my home who “flirt with her” ^^). Think like she own the house, act like a dog (she loves to kiss, chew, whiff, chase to playful bite to take people attention), attention seeker, prefer to play with the people in my house than the other bunnies in my home, smart, stubborn, strong, and a great jumper.

Hobbies: Jump ,jump and jump very high ^^, run, and chew everything that she can chew in my home esp cable, sandals, shoes and high heels.


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5 things that stuck in my mind :

Jun. 27th, 2007 | 07:03 pm
mood: blah blah
music: chick fit by All saints

1. Macadamia nut ice cream by Andersen. Can't get enough of this. *Tina gw dr kemaren kebayang2 nih*

2.Bread Talk, the sweet cheesy bread i miss you ><

3.Nemo. my lovely spoilt Naugthy bunny, I think she lost some weight ><

4.Indomie. Lately i'm in deeply in love instant noddle ^^

5.Fraphuchino green tea star buck. Gw ga bisa ngebayangin gimana jadinya dunia ini tanpa starbuck ^^

My Lovely bunny “Dutch” past away TT TT

Dec. 9th, 2006 | 08:14 pm
mood: sad sad

hhuhuhuhu sedih

kelinci ade gw si Dutch (biar dia kelinci ade gw, tapi dia udah gw anggep kyk kelinci gw sdr, aplg si dutch itu "roommate nya kelinci gw si nemo TT TT) mati tadi siang TT TT
sedih bgt padahal hari ini dia udah mulai keliatan baekan.
emang kmrn sempat diare tapi dr kmrn2 ud baekan cuama si dutch emang kehilangan selera makan.Tadi dia mati di depan gw,gw sempat ngeliat dia masih kyk bernafas trus tiba2 mati (kyknya itu nafas terakhirnya dia TT TT)

kasian bgt si dutch gw sdih.trus si nemo juga kasian skrg dia jadi keliatan lebih diem mungkin krn dia juga sedih karena temannya mati TT TT

semoga dutch bahagia deh di surga kelinci n berteman ma sm mamo,baby sentaro n usagi(ini nama kelinci gw yg udah mati juga TT TT) di surga kelinci

miss u dutch TT TT
may u rest in peace "DUTCH"

my teeth is killing me TT TT

Nov. 21st, 2006 | 12:34 am
location: room sweet room
mood: curious curious
music: good times by Glen Freadly

my teeth is killing me TT TT
sakit bgt mo nangis rasanya TT TT

btw today i watched casino royale n the movie was good,i hate to admit it cos I'm more into pierce brosnan than daniel craig but well he did a great job in casino royale.

so i recomended this movie to everyone ^^

My top 5 for this moment :

Nov. 16th, 2006 | 04:36 am
music: goobye by ftts

1. “Fly to the sky” song from eveades ,namja dapgae, gravity, be with you to kasumapado. Fly to the sky probably one of the best RnB duo that exist in asia. I really recommend this Korean RnB duo. I felt in love with their deep voice.
2. my love – justin timberlake. A catchy dance song
3. good time – Glen freadly. One of my fav Indonesia singers. Even this song is a remake song,but he make the song become more sexy and enjoyable.
4. Tell me – P.diddy feat Christina Aguilera, I just love the beat
5. girls on top – Boa. I really really love beat!!!!

Fashionable girl :
1. Paris Hilton, I hate to admit it , but I love the way she dress up
2. Namie Amuro, cool sexy sporty RnB style
3. The Olsen twins
4. Reese whiterspoon
5. Victoria beckham, she always be my fashion icon

lady b sign out ^^

(no subject)

Nov. 16th, 2006 | 04:32 am
location: room sweet room
mood: curious curious
music: my love by Justin Timberlake feat TI

Actually i'm starting to love this journal stuff. Even i'm not a type of person who can feel free to share everything in my heart with the whole world, but I know still there; something that I can share with everyone hehe

I want to make this journal like a journal that every girl can read and enjoy. From gossiping about our fav movie, music and to fashion tip. I think it will be fun if I can make journal that every girl can enjoy and hopefully can be useful too ^^

So everyone feel free to come to my lounge and post anything you like as long as it's not bashing each other…so lets this started hehe

honestly.. I don’t know what to do this morning,…so I end up seeing the black spot in my right knees TT TT

I hate this spot is bring a darker future to me ( plz forgive my over dramatic reaction hehehe),

“can someone tell me how to heal and clean up the black spot that I’ve got after I burned my right knee incidentally with my curly iron ASAP??????”

“Ada yg ga tau obat apa yg paling ampuh buat ngilangin noda item ASAP.ini bener2 buat gw frustasi.”

Ini noda item bener2 disaster buat gw, kyknya gw hrs bil bye2 buat rok mini and celana pendek selama noda item itu belom ilang dari kaki gw.

Gw bingung gmn caranya ya supaya cepat ilang, setidaknya bekasnya jadi lebih tipis jadi ga keliatan bgt kyk skrg.

I don’t have any confident to wear my short and mini skirt anymore before the black spot gone, I just hope the black spot will gone soon at least become more unseen than now.

Btw I think I need Hair make over before New Year
I really need that, my curly hair is starting to live again, I really really hate that TT TT

First I want cut my hair (this Friday at fishie house, anyone feel free to join us hehehe),next I want smoothing my hair and last I want to dye my hair.

The problem is :
1. I’m still confuse about the new hair style (takut kependekan,takut jadi aneh yg lebih parah lg takut ancur )
2. I’m still about the new hair color, honestly I want some darker color than before but fishie told me if you used to dyed your hair with brighter color than you change it to the darker one, it will make your face look flat!!!!!!

welcome to my life journal ^^

Nov. 15th, 2006 | 02:38 pm
location: my room sweet room
mood: lazy lazy
music: part starter - by will smith feat ludacris

hi everyone welcome to my live journal ^^

actually i don’t know what im going to do here ^^

I’m not the diary girl type, but i will try write something here

Now I’m in my room reading some fanfic about dbsg, they are cute hehe

Anyway I am so hungry here, today is my first day of my healthy diet.

i miss my squid fry old chang kee TT TT